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How to Get Involved

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Interactive Healing Arts Project. Your contribution, at any level, helps to spread joy, pay the professional artists involved, and stimulate the local economy, while connecting us around a mutual appreciation for local and global art.

Here are the various ways you can get involved:

Individuals & families

  • Donations of any amount are welcome. 

  • For information, we aim to pay professional artists $100 for their contributions, and it costs $25 to print a poster. Not all artwork is printed and displayed in stores, as it depends on stores availability.

  • An additional way of supporting this project is by walking downtown Davis and visiting the participating stores.

  • We also invite you to share your family’s artistic creation and messages about healing and a change you hope to see in the world. Look for the form on the home page for more information. Your artwork and/or message will be added to the exhibit. 



  • You can make a donation to sponsor one or several artists.

  • Please, consider offering your business’ window space to display the art. In return, your business will be listed on the online map and be included in the healing arts treasure hunt. 


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