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Can children participate?

Yes. You can submit as a group, a household, or a classroom. Some teachers are doing a class project with their students, using the prompts on this website.

Is everyone offered $100 for the rights to share their artwork?

No, only professional artists, people making a living through their art, are compensated for their contribution. This is to support their work. Because we believe that arts are essential to our well-being, we want to encourage everyone to reflect on that statement, and to show appreciation to their local artists.

How long will the artwork be on display?
We hope to have it on display at least until the 1st week of January, depending on businesses' participation. We have asked participating ones for a 4-week minimum commitment.

How long will the project last?

In stores: at least until the first week of January, depending on businesses' participation.

Online: for as long as possible, for people's viewing pleasure.

I don't live in Davis. Can I participate?

Yes. HAP is open to everyone, regardless of where you live. Let's connect!

We are deeply grateful to the city of Davis, its businesses and its residents, for hosting and supporting a project we hope has positive effects not just locally, beyond its city's limits too.

About the prompt, "Share a word of encouragement for someone who needs it," I feel stuck and I'm not sure how to express it.

 This prompt was written bearing in mind anyone affected by the fires, COVID-19, dealing with any other dire situation, anyone on your heart when reading this. You’re invited to write from the heart, feel free to use the first person in your message (“I”) if you would like, and to formulate your message as if speaking directly to someone you know, as if the person you intend it for is right in front of you.
Another approach could also be to share words (you wish) someone told you when you went through a challenging time.

Will every artwork, including kids, be on display on the website or only the work of professional artists?

Thank you for asking. Every accepted artwork will be displayed, including the kids’, but only professional artists will be paid for their contribution. The artwork with the special mention *community participation* will be reserved for non-professional contributions.

We are considering a separate gallery page that will show professional artists in one section, and the community contributions in another. The slideshow on the front page, however, will continue to include both.

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