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What does healing look like to you? What is a change you would like to see in the world? Share your answers via artwork and messages.

Everyone is welcome to participate!

The Interactive Healing Arts Project (HAP) is a collaborative initiative that explores local and global art as a medium for healing, in the community and in the classroom. While the artwork and reflections are shared online to ensure widespread accessibility, HAP was also imagined as a treasure hunt for 'healing' artworks that would be displayed in the windows of participating businesses in Davis' downtown district, and in any participating neighborhood.

While visiting this website, we kindly invite you to slow down, and to take the time to reflect on the artwork and the messages from community members and students of all ages. Thank you for being here.

The Interactive Healing Arts Project is supported, in part, by grants from the City of Davis Arts & Cultural Affairs program, the non-profit 4.0 Schools, and the VELA Education Fund. 

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What is a change you’d like to see in the world right now?


A change I’d like to see? Money based on love. - David A.

Congratulations, Simon Santos: Nominated for Best Student Director, Best Student Short, & Best Supporting Actress (Michelle DeMoss) at Indie Short Fest!

Healing Arts Project
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12 minutes

rated PG

Synopsis: Eli aspires for a big film studio internship. Faced with floods of rejections, he questions his self-worth, and what "success" really means.

Simon Santos is a Filipino-American actor, filmmaker, and UC Davis graduate. Read his full biography below, in the team members' section.

Image by Robert Keane

Artwork Submission

Image by Robert Keane

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Image by Robert Keane



*community participation* indicates contribution from the (local and at-large) community, to differentiate from professional artists.





Gouache on cold press paper

Cecilia Lopez is a UC Davis 2017 graduate, and an artist based San Fernando Valley, CA.

She mainly works with watercolor and gouache, and likes to create work that is personal and that reminds her of home and community. The ocean and the mountains help her feel grounded and at home. After losing her father, these two elements help her feel at home and bring her peace in difficult times.

Words of Encouragement


No matter how hard life gets, keep fighting! Your blessing is a step away! — Anthony D.

Meet The Team


Anuj Larvaidya

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Anuj is a teacher/student of performance/media and multispecies thinking, currently living in California. He is invested in art as a vehicle for challenging normativity, cultivating joy, and building community - with both the human and more-than-human worlds around us.


Berenice Cayetano